About Us


We believe in treating addiction as a disease. You can change your life and find true happiness!

The mission of Imagine Programs is to provide a calm, peaceful, and supportive environment for our clients to seek their inner strength to find their road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Imagine Programs gives relentless attention to providing quality and up to date treatment services for the clients to ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools to be successful in their journey towards recovery and self fulfillment.


Imagine Programs expects the following from the clients we serve:

  • To be willing to participate fully in all group and individual sessions.
  • To be honest about your addiction and the problems it has caused.
  • To share openly with others in the group.
  • To be respectful of others in group as well as the program rules.
  • To utilize all of the tools and resources given to you.
  • To be receptive and open to change.

At Imagine programs, we understand that recovery from addiction can be a painful and emotional process. We also understand that a lot of times, participating in a treatment program is not always what you want to do, with the understanding that it’s what you need to do. The staff at Imagine Programs expects most of all, that you be open to the possibility, that you can change your life and find your true happiness.

Our Staff

Bryan Wilmut, LCDC

Executive Director

Bryan started in the field of addiction counseling in 1998 beginning his career at the Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center operated by Cornell Companies. In 2000, Bryan earned his license to practice chemical dependency counseling from the Texas Department of State Heath Services, and also holds a degree in criminal justice. Bryan spent most of his formal training developing skills in cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral modification, motivational interviewing, and person centered therapy.

Bryan spent the first part of his career working as a licensed counselor for Cornell Companies in an intensive residential therapeutic community. In 2005, Bryan was promoted to a management position with Cornell where he was responsible for staff development and analyzing treatment outcomes. In 2006, Bryan became the Program Director for the Women’s treatment program where he supervised the treatment of 112 female clients every 6 months.

In 2008, Bryan became the Program Director for the entire population at the Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center where he worked closely with Dallas County Probation and Drug Courts in providing treatment for adult felony probationers.

During the course of his career at the Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center, Bryan also worked as a part time consultant and supervisor at The Addicare Group in Garland Texas where he worked closely with counselor interns and students training to be counselors. This is also where Bryan began working with Jay Harrison, CEO of The Addicare Group, who became a long time friend and colleague.

In 2010, After 13 years at the Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center, Bryan decided to pursue his passion for working with Teens and his desire to have a business of his own by teaming up with Jay Harrison to form Imagine Programs, LLC. Bryan and Jay brought their years of experience in the field of chemical dependency to Collin County to create a quality treatment experience utilizing the most up to date treatment approaches.

Bryan, who is also an accomplished musician, designed Imagine Programs to treat addiction through not only the latest cognitive behavioral therapies, but through healthy forms of self expression utilizing music and art. Bryan takes pride in ensuring the Imagine Programs treatment team is made up of like minded individuals that can create a positive experience for the clients.

Bryan is not only a small business owner in Plano, he also lives with his family in Plano and takes pride in serving his community. Bryan and his wife Jeanene spend most of their free time raising their four children, cheering on the Allen Americans Hockey team, and playing music often.

Email: bryan@imagineprograms.net